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May 10, 2016

Local Simsbury resident Rick Wagner has kicked off Simsbury Community Television’s Capital Fundraising Campaign by recommending a $10,000 grant from his family’s Richard D. Wagner and Madeline/Lina F. Wagner Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. The grant will be used to match a $35,000 Hartford Foundation for Public Giving capital grant SCTV received late last year to bring SCTV’s equipment into the 21st Century.
The grants will enable SCTV to purchase studio and town hall high definition switching, editing, and recording equipment. In addition to making SCTV’s programs more watchable for its viewers, the new equipment will replace very old equipment that is beginning to break down. It will also allow staff and volunteers to create programs more efficiently to get them on the air more quickly.
In announcing the grant, SCTV President, Althea Greaney said, “We are grateful to the Wagner family for their support of SCTV and the Simsbury community. This is the second such grant they have given us. They have made it possible for us to purchase some of the high tech video recording, editing, and broadcasting equipment that our residents need to create shows and record meetings in our studio in high definition.”
Explaining why he recommended the grant to SCTV, Wagner said, “I appreciate how much SCTV adds to our community because it truly represents the tradition of a high level of volunteerism that makes Simsbury unique in our area.” Wagner urged others in the community to also contribute to the station now that the traditional state funding for new technology is no longer available. He continued, “We need great technology so that Simsbury can stay informed and continue to be one of the best communities to live in the U.S.”

Since 1984, SCTV, a non-profit public access television station, has provided Simsbury residents a place to share information on Comcast channels 5, 95, and 96, Frontier channel 99, and on its website Supported by a small staff, town residents and organizations are provided with the tools to learn about television production, from camera operations, through editing and broadcasting. Volunteers can cover live government and school meetings or studio programs or create their own programs about upcoming events, health, exercise, poetry, school news, art, or any variety of other topics free of charge.

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is the community foundation for Hartford and 28 surrounding communities. In 2015 the Foundation celebrated 90 years of grantmaking in the Greater Hartford region, made possible by the gifts of generous individuals, families, and organizations. It has awarded grants of more than $650 million since its founding in 1925. For more information about the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, visit or call 860 548-1888.


April 8, 2016

Simsbury Community Television (SCTV) announced today that former Simsbury First Selectman Mary A. Glassman, ESPN Producer Andrew Green, and retired teacher and former DAR chapter regent Deborah Payne have joined the Simsbury Community Television Board of Directors.

In announcing their appointments, Simsbury Community Television Board President Althea Greaney said, “We are delighted to welcome three such experienced professionals and volunteers to our board. I am confident that they will make enormous contributions to our work of keeping the town informed. “

Green who is a baseball producer at ESPN and has lived in Simsbury since 2010 is looking forward to helping SCTV recruit and train more students and parents in town to expand SCTV’s coverage of high school sports. Longtime Simsbury resident Payne, a former Granby Teacher of the Year who has been honored by many local organizations for her extraordinary volunteer efforts, plans to use her experience “in any way I can to support SCTV as an important community resource.”

Glassman, who led the town of Simsbury for 16 years, currently manages the Office for Regional Efficiencies for the Capitol Region Education Council in Hartford. “I’m excited to join SCTV, and I look forward to using my experience in any way I can to support SCTV’s efforts to keep town residents connected to and engaged with their community,” Glassman said.

SCTV, a non profit public access television station, has been serving the town of Simsbury since 1984 with three non-commercial TV channels. Since its founding, SCTV has aired thousands of hours of programming on everything from local government and school meetings to local elections, high school sports, exercise classes, and informational shows on health, finance, art, poetry, music, local tourism and hot topics. SCTV can be viewed on Comcast Channel 5, 95 and 96 and on Frontier Channel 99. All local programming is available on YouTube and Simsbury TV’s website:


March 25, 2016

The Charter Revision Commission met twice this past week on Wednesday, March 23 and Thursday, March 24th. No minutes are available yet for either meeting. It appears, the only way to learn the latest details in the their recommended charter changes is to know someone who was there or to watch the meetings on SCTV. However,the Wednesday meeting is NOT yet on TV, but it IS available on demand at.

The Thursday meeting is not available at all. Because of the Good Friday holiday when all town offices are closed including Eno where SCTV is located, the 3/24 meeting of the Charter Revision Commission will NOT be available until Monday. They had planned to try and wrap up their work at that 3/24 meeting.
The Charter Revision has recommended by a 7-4 vote that the town move to a council/manager form of government. The commission is recommending that Simsbury would still have a First Selectman who would be paid at 15% of the Town Manager’s salary. They have not included a residency requirement for the Town Manager.
The public will have a chance to comment on the draft recommendations of the Charter Revision Commission at a public hearing within the next two or three weeks. The Board of Selectman will consider the draft as well and the final recommendation will be considered in a town referendum.
Our apologies for the sound. Unfortunately the Wednesday meeting was in the main meeting room so the sound is NOT good. Because the Charter Revision Commission is so large, the members sat at a table instead of front at the main Selectman’s bench which has multiple built-in microphones. Thus much of the sound is off mike and there is much shuffling of papers.

All other Charter Revision Meeting are available on SCTV at


February 5, 2016

Decisions are being made about the plans for building a Simsbury Senior/Community Center behind the Simsbury Meadows Bandshell at the Performing Arts Center. If you have opinions, now is the time to stay informed and speak up. For instance, how do you feel about whether the Senior Center should be a two-story building? That is what the plan calls for currently – it appears that a one-floor building would involve too much walking for seniors. How it will interface with PAC events and impact the environment? There’s lots of information available about developing plans for the center. Much of it is on SCTV. Learn more about the plans by watching the Jan. 25th Board of Selectmen meeting at;
You can also watch the architects’ proposal for the center made this week to the Public Building Committee at:
Finally, you can read the consultants proposal on line at the town website The report can be accessed under News.

Learn More about Security Camera Proposal on SCTV

December 16, 2015

Have you heard about the proposal to put security cameras on Iron Horse Boulevard? The local news was full of the story on Tuesday. What did you think? Want to know more? You don’t have to rely on news coverage, you can see and hear for yourself because SCTV was there recording the meeting. You can watch Don Massey make the proposal to the Board of Selectman at their meeting on Monday Dec. 14th right now on demand:

The meeting will be re-airing on SCTV’s Comcast Channel 96 and Frontier Channel 99. Check the schedule at

Why you should support SCTV

December 14, 2015

Simsbury is a great place to live. It’s beautiful, has a great school system, AND a well-run and open government. Not only are agendas and minutes available on the town website, critical board and commission meetings are broadcast on our very own Simsbury Community TV station allowing you to watch what your elected boards and commissions are doing.

But this easy TV access to Simsbury’s open government is in danger of disappearing because SCTV which brings you government meetings is facing a crisis caused by changes in broadcast and media technology.

This is happening in several ways. First because of changing technology we are losing TV viewers which reduces our funding. At the same time, new technology has been growing at an unprecedented pace and has raised the public’s expectations about how and where to watch their government. Finally, the cost of changing technology is growing rapidly just when state government budget problems have cut funding which once assisted Cable Access TV to keep up with the changes.

How are we are losing TV viewers and how does that impact our budget? With the coming of high definition TV, Comcast moved most of its programming to the upper digits of its lineup leaving very few viewers watching on the lower tier where our Channel 5, 95 and 96 are located. And AT&T, now Frontier, was allowed to segregate public access on difficult-to-access Channel 99. Many potential new viewers do not even know these channels exist.

Secondly, we are losing viewers and funding because rising cable costs have led many to stop subscribing to cable. They are probably unaware that when they cut the cable cord, they also cut funding for SCTV which gets a tiny fraction of each subscriber’s cable bill. Subscriber fees have traditionally provided more than half of SCTV’s budget.

Another reason TV viewership is declining is that Simsbury residents have gotten used to watching HD television which SCTV cannot provide. Other busy residents would prefer easier access to meetings via our website. Furthermore, they want LIVE coverage from more sites than current SCTV technology can regularly accomplish.

The SCTV Board and staff have been trying to keep up with technology as frugally as possible, but paying for new technology increased our budget by 20% over last year at the same time income is dropping.

Now we need your help. Simsbury Community TV is in the middle of a fundraising campaign to ask residents to contribute to our operating budget. We hope that all town residents who believe in open government will do their share by making a donation. Of course, we want as many people as possible to watch us on TV. But even if you never watch us, or go to our website, please donate so that we can continue to operate and improve and keep your government open and you informed. Someday when there is a crisis, you will want us to be there.

Send your donations today to Simsbury Community TV, PO Box 767, Simsbury, CT 06070. SCTV is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.


December 10, 2015


Broadcast and media technology is rapidly evolving. The pace of change over the last decade is unprecedented. SCTV still relies on older technology that works for now but when it fails, which eventually it will, simple replacement is no longer an option. SCTV has been active this past year exploring newer technologies that will help it continue to reliably fulfill its stated mission of “Keeping Simsbury Informed.”

For our live broadcasts from Town Hall, new hardware was purchased with a grant made possible with the assistance of Richard D. Wagner, Jr. and the Richard D. Wagner and Madeline/Lina?F. Wagner Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. This new equipment has vastly improved the reliability and quality of live broadcasts from Town Hall. However, this addressed only one of many technological hurdles that SCTV is now confronting. In order to remain a viable media service, SCTV will almost certainly have to transition to High Definition TV and adopt new ‘Cloud’ based technologies to store and retrieve content. But this is a costly undertaking that will necessitate a capital campaign, the pursuit of applicable grants and last but not least, donations from supporters of SCTV.

Please remember, SCTV is a free service to Simsbury residents but its daily operations require substantial funding. As residents of Simsbury YOU are our viewers, producers, volunteers, and financial supporters. Your financial support is essential in keeping government meetings, exercise programs, talk shows, school sports, and other local programming on our channels and on our website, Your 2015 donations are tax deductible.
Please support us and help us make SCTV better than ever. If you are interested in volunteering at SCTV, or learning more about its important mission, please contact us at 860-658-1720 or visit

Suggested Giving Levels:


Please send your tax deductible donation to: SCTV P.O.Box 767 Simsbury, CT 06070 Your donation may also be made on SCTV’s website at
Name:?Address:?E-mail:?Ask if your employer will match your contribution of _____________ Have your employer send their gift to SCTV.

The Staff and Board of Directors of SCTV wish you and yours a joyful and safe new year!


November 30, 2015

A decision should be made tonight on the controversial Climax Road proposal and SCTV volunteers will be there so you can watch it LIVE even if you can’t be there in person. The special Zoning Commission meeting is at Simsbury Town Hall at 7pm. You can watch on either TV or your internet devices.

On TV, watch Comcast Channel 96 or Frontier 99. It’s a bit more complicated for internet users.

Starting at 7pm:

For Apple products (macs, ipad, iphone) and the Microsoft Windows 10 Edge browser click on:

For PC’s running Windows 7 or 8.1 and using the chrome browser, first click on:

Then click on the DASH tab.

Finally copy the following: and paste it over the prefilled URL beginning with to completely replace the address.

Then click on Start.


November 16, 2015

SCTV WILL BE LIVE WITH   the Zoning Commission meeting at the Simsbury Public Library. We will be LIVE on TV ON Comcast Channel 96 and Frontier 99. We will ALSO  be LIVE on the internet, but it’s a bit more complicated.

For Apple products (macs, ipad, iphone) and the Microsoft Windows 10 Edge browser, at 7PM click on:

For PC’s running Windows 7 or 8.1 and using the chrome browser, at 7PM first click on:

Then click on the DASH tab. Finally copy the following

and paste it over the prefilled URL beginning with to completely replace the address. Then click on Start.

SCTV and ENO are Closed Nov.11 for Veterans Day

November 11, 2015
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