Dear Friends and supporters of SCTV,

Contributing to the community is what makes Simsbury a great place in which to live. Simsbury Community Television continues to need your support!

SCTV is a non-profit organization and your contribution is very important to us. Your donation is needed to help continue to improve production quality, keep up with current technologies and provide residents with a very important service – access to the media.

Robotic Cameras Installed at Simsbury Town Hall

Simsbury Community Television has invested $40,000 to upgrade the quality of broadcasts originating from Town Hall.

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The funding for this project came from grants and your donations saved over a period of time. Six robotic cameras have been installed at Town Hall; three in the Main Meeting Room and three in the Board of Education Conference Room. The new video and audio equipment will mean a new experience for both viewers and meeting goers. Thank you!

Simsbury Community Television’s mission is to facilitate the production of programs produced by citizens in the town of Simsbury. All of our programs can be seen on-demand on our website. And in addition to Comcast, our channels are now available to AT&T U-Verse subscribers as well.

SCTV brings unique local programming to the community. Diverse programs such as, Headlines Simsbury, The Philanthropic Planner, The Talk of Simsbury, Real Estate Today, The Simsbury View, Farmington Valley Symphony Orchestra, etc. Our committed volunteer base and dedicated employees continue to offer coverage of the Board of Selectmen, Board of Education, and Board of Finance meetings. Planning, Zoning, Design Review Board and Economic Development Commission Meetings and Simsbury High School Sporting Events. Your contribution will help us continue to bring these valuable programs into your homes.

Your tax deductible donation will make a real difference, and we would like to thank you for supporting such a vital community resource! Your help will bear dividends for years to come as SCTV Keeps Simsbury Informed.

The volunteers, Board of Directors and employees of SCTV extend their sincere appreciation for your generous contribution. 

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Althea Greaney, President

SCTV Board Members: Dominique Avery, Mary Glassman, Althea Greaney, Andrew Green, Paul Henault, Ferg Jansen, Joncia Lytwynec, Nick Mason, Wooda McNiven, Robert Moran, Cris Noble, Mark Orenstein, Deborah Payne, Ken Picard and Bob Thompson

SCTV Employees: Station Manager, Karen Handville, Operations Assistant, Kristen Benedict and Administrative Assistant, Phyllis Fishberg

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